Thursday, April 26, 2012

Consume, Collaborate, Produce 

I came across this poster online and it started me thinking about how I was using iPads this year. As a consumer, collaborator, or a producer.

 I would definitely say that my class falls in the last two categories to such an extent that I just removed all the apps that were math and word games.  We never even tried them out because we were too busy creating. Now I have fewer, more productive apps to upgrade etc.

This is a list of of my favourite things to do with iPads in class.

  • Use Google Earth for tracking characters and exploring settings of novel
  • Use Google Images to find relevant photos for our research
  • Use History Maps to study history and exploration timelines
  • Use You Tube to research

• Use Dropbox to share resources, writing and photographs for use in group projects, to work from home and school, and to collect finished work
• Use Pinterest to share finished projects, collect online project and research resources, create photo libraries and scrapbooks of artwork. Currently I have my own but I am in the process of seting up a class one. I think I will set up one with each student getting his own board. The other option is to use a group board. The students all have their own webpages and blogs so this may be  new way to organize them to share easily with each other. It would provide quick visual links to their pages and the work

 •  Use Book Creator to make ebooks from  research notes and online photos or to create a character diary or daily writing journal

• Use Blogger :
  to build digital portfolios of daily work
  to create character diaries
  to become an explorer and journal along the way

• Use Mobile Monet to turn photos into paintings.
• Use Garageband to create soundtracks and voice overs for poetry, slideshows.
• Use  My Stop Action to produce trailers and videos of novels for literature circles

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