Thursday, May 21, 2015


This was a truly a trip of a lifetime. This year I was chosen ISTE 2014 Outstanding Teacher. It is wonderful to be honoured for doing what I love everyday and thrilling to see a giant "me" greeting me  to the sounds of jazz as I entered the keynote.

Over the past years I have been lucky to work in a school district where we are encouraged to take risks, think creatively, and find new ways to engage and guide the learning of our students. My conversations with teachers from other countries opened my eyes to the freedom Surrey teachers have to create our own learning spaces and decide how we  build communities of learners in each of our schools. Teachers  value autonomy as we are creative creatures at heart. We are always looking for new ideas, resources and techniques to make each year better than the last.

Technology and art have been my choices to build new lessons, and find ways to encourage my students to take risks and "own" their learning. Technology  turned my students into publishers, directors, researchers, and connected us to the world. At ISTE2014 I made new connections, found new opportunities and exciting new gadgets to recharge and regroup my thoughts. After sifting through all this new information I am eager to start planning for fall. I am looking forward to joining Project Rhino, getting iPad stands, new software and apps to make movies, and to try a whole new venture of game design in Social Studies.  We will continue using our blogs to publish our work, create online portfolios, share and reach out to others.  They will be the anchor and glue that connects everything we do.

I made exciting new discoveries. The iPad stands, animation Create7 and game design programs that I will try this summer and learned about App Smashing. Who knew we were already well on our way  as App Smashers, usng a variety of apps such as Mobile Monet, King Cam. Animoto, Garage band,  iMovie and Book Creator to name a few.   I found some new great additions such as Thinglink to add to our arsenal.  A great find. Now we will be able to add info windows to make our research presentations interactive. 

Can hardly wait to get started.


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