Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Miserable Life ( Stop Bullying )

Just before Christmas I received a flyer for an Anti Bullying Contest. Students from grade 6 and up were invited to create a 30 sec or 60 sec video on the topic of Anti-bullying.  My previous students have been looking for opportunities to use the skills they learned last year and their creative talents to make slide shows for our assemblies and to mentor other classes. I invited them to enter the contest and they jumped at the chance. They wrote, directed, acted, filmed and edited the film using and iPad and a Macbook. They spent recess, lunch hours and after school time to complete the film. They read all the rules,  ensured that their entry met all of the necessary requirements and presented me with their finished movie. I thought that I was going to have to help with technical support and remind them how to manipulate iMovie.  I was wrong. They remembered. They are amazing!

My only job was to upload the film to the contest website and ensure all the permission slips were obtained and forwarded with their entry.  They never fail to impress me with their dedication and enthusiasm.

This is the film.Another feather in their cap.

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