Saturday, February 23, 2013

For Tia: How To Put A Video in your Blog

Hi Tia: this one's for you. Posted your answer here as Surrey Schools is down.

I did not embed the videos.

You can not embed videos yet and yet I wanted to share videos so  this is my solution:
They are photos of my videos that are linked to the videos.

Step 1.
Take a video and upload it to YouTube.

 Step 2.  Go YouTube and take a picture of the video (command, shift, 3 takes a screen shot and places it on desktop).   I started the video at full size, paused, and took a screen shot (command, shift, 3) so it would be full size and look like the video with the start arrow showing.

Step 3. Insert your picture into your blog.

Step 4.  Then create a link between the YouTube video and the photo. To do this insert link but do not put any text in the top box. Instead just copy an paste the url from the video in the bottom box.

Enlarged box below

Step 5  Done! Easy! The arrow on the photo is what lets people know at first glance that it is a video. 

I must be a visual learner because I ignore text links and always go straight to content that I can see that I want or need at a glance. I hate opening link after link to find what I am looking for, so this is the a solution I use to create my own thumbnails when I want them and they are not available.


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